Book-shelf Active Speaker 



modern and vintage harmonize design

Modern and unique harmonize design

Minimalism design concept and moder unique style. This design gives you the special and stylish life.


Stylish design and daynamic sound

EAI / iEAI Advanced DSP sound technology E.A.I bass technology

LANCHIYA®EAI™ (Electronics&Acoustics Integration) chip module to make the electronics, speaker drivers and housing structure match each other perfectly so that the whole speaker system can perform at its best status and produce the best sound.  With the help of DSP to correct the input signal in a nondestructive way , the whole speaker system can perform beyond its physical limitation.    

Experience our audio technology taken to new heights with E.A.I & Digital Sound Processing (DSP) Fine-tuned for perfection maximum power generated from its two 0.8” silk dome tweeters, two 2 ¼” active wide frequency response speaker driver units.


modern and vintage harmonize design

Stable wireless connection & NFC easy pairing

Bluetooth Version 4.2 + EDR/A2DP (CSR Solution)

AUX 3.5mm Stereo AUX input port

Support aptX solution

AUX in for additional multimedia audio sources.

Bluetooth™ CSR™ apt X®to transmit 16 bits 44.1kHz and

max 16 bits 48kHz CD quality music.

RIAA Standard design Professional Phono port 

(RIAA standard design) Professional Phono port for making LP’s bass balance


3 layers Ferrite magnet 

100% paper-pulp speaker cone design

3Way 3Speaker design 

Conex damper


25kHz super tweeter

3Way 3Speaker (Total 6Speaker) & 2ch stereo type/  Total 40W RMS Output power ( I.E.C Standard )  made with advanced Sound Technology through Research & Development.

Paper-pulp speaker unit design has been around for decades.  However, through many years of R&D testing and improvements, LANCHIYA®  a developed a precise special formula to ensure LANCHIYA®  100% paper-pulp design has achieved the most advantageous solution in the industry.

LANCHIYA®’s professional design and engineering team has worked on Audio field for 36years. We design, develop, research, and produce every speaker unit from beginning to the end to guarantee perfect quality control.

TAIKO BASS BOOSTER™ (Invention patent) 

Advanced 2nd generation T.B.B Sound technology

TAIKO Bass Booster™ is a low frequency multiplication technology which is painstakingly invented by LANCHIYA®'s R&D team after seven years' reseach and study. It's a revolutionary and innovative new technology of electro acoustics,which combines LANCHIYA®'s patent technology of double resonators and EAI™(Electronics Acoustics Integration System) It can multiply the power of low frequency in a small speaker housing. Even the volume is very small, it still can make the speaker produce the clear, powerful and elastic bass. This technology reflects LANCHIYA®'s persevering spirit of  pursueing the Hi-Fi sound quality.


The tweeter used to reach to 15-20kHz. But Lanchiya R&D team is willing to make it reach up to 25kHz with their 36 years experience. The advanced silk dome tweeter which imported from Japan will be used for the amplifier. The perfect tweeter can be presented based on the perfect match by the tubes and the amplifier.

Minimum diffraction horn type tweeter for natural sound reproduction. We take the advantage of the horn type structure to enhance high frequency up to 25KHz. Make the sound levels and the sound field more clear. The horn type tweeter can reproduce high frequency with more fidelity and decrease the sound diffraction.


3Way 3Speaker design and professional cross-over network design

two 0.8” silk dome tweeters, two 3" active wide frequency response speaker driver units, two 3 ½” active bass frequency response speaker driver units with professional cross-over network design

Intuitional user control interface

A rotating knob for functional control ( OFF- Bluetooth-AUX-Phono-PC USB) and a rotating knob for volume control. Aluminium control switches for the sound effect function and the headphone amplifier select.It is about the useful and intuitional user control interface design.

Matt finish coating  

High class surface painting technology

Specially developped furface treatment Floss Spray Paint marked by sand feeling and long life. Comparing with rubber paint, no sticky for ever.




Matt finish coating

Dark gray

Matt finish coating

Milky white

Matt finish coating

DS7 Presentation

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