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13 Anniversary 

Lanchiya Intelligent Acoustics is a group composed of Lanchiya Acoustics Research (U.S.A), Lanchiya Electronics Technology Co.,LTD. (Japan) , Lanchiya Aucean Acoustics & IoT Research (Korea) and Lanchiya Digital Technology CO.,LTD. (China), providing competitive entertainment solution to music lovers. Since the foundation of Lanchiya Acoustics Research by over 20 audio experts in California, US in 2006, Lanchiya® has made a strong R&D teamand created a first-class electronic and electro-acoustic laboratory, which has made countless innovations in audio field. Lanchiya® keeps seeking to challenge the current norm, not only in the design concept, but also in audio technology.

After years of research and exploration, Lanchiya® has achieved a lot in many aspects like speaker miniaturization technology, operational simplifications, and sound performance, and registered 55 various patents. We also developed nearly a hundred innovative products. Each of these products features fantastic appearance, fabulous sound and easy operations. These have afforded the Amethyst® brand a great commercial success. Upto now Amethyst® speakers are sold in more than 56 countries in the world. The customers include INKEL (Sherwood), IRIVER, KOIZUMI, NAKAMICHI, DANTAX, Medion etc. Many big retailers ever sold our products, for example, Walmart, Mediamarkt, Tesco, Bestbuy, Superdansk, Dixsons etc.

With the AI becoming more and more popular,  Lanchiya® starts to focus on the research and development of intelligent psychoacoustics products which can feel the consumers’ mood, satisfy their emotional need, and even improve their mental and physical health, and will surely surprise customers with better and better products. Each year we will attend CES, IFA, HKTDC Fair, Canton Fair and some other HI-FI shows. Here sincerely invite everyone to visit us and to make mutual success through cooperation.


2570 N First St, 2nd Floor San Jose, CA 95131 U.S.A

K-Center #901, Simindearo 248, Beon-gil 25, Dongan-gu Anyang-City, Gyeonggi-do, 14067 KOREA

10th Floor, Shizuya Bld. 5-51-11, Higasi-Nippori, Arakawa-Ku,  1160014  Tokyo, JAPAN

Hongtu Road, Songxia Industry Zone, Songgang, Foshan City Guangdong Province 528234 CHINA


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