Hybrid vacuum-tube amplifier system MK150


Hybrid vacuum-tube amplifier system MK150 


Customized hybrid vacuum tube

VACUUM TUBE Customized hybrid vacuum tube

The quality of LANCHIYA® customized vacuum tubes for the new hybrid amplifiers is the same as what the military industrial enterprise requests. We take the advantage of the even harmonics to enhance the dynamic range and the frequency response of the sound. The tubes can make the sound mellow and charming. The life of the tubes is about 50,000 hours.


Advanced DSP sound technology

E.A.I Bass booster & E.A.I 3D sound

EAI / iEAI Advanced DSP sound technology E.A.I bass technology

LANCHIYA®EAI™ (Electronics&Acoustics Integration) chip module to make the electronics, speaker drivers and housing structure match each other perfectly so that the whole speaker system can perform at its best status and produce the best sound.  With the help of DSP to correct the input signal in a nondestructive way , the whole speaker system can perform beyond its physical limitation.    

Experience our audio technology taken to new heights with E.A.I & Digital Sound Processing (DSP) Fine-tuned for perfection maximum power generated LS Series (LS55)  ES Series (ES55) Loudspeaker.


Version 4.2 csr™ EDR/A2DP CD-quality 16-bit 44 kHz stream

aptX is used to improve the audio quality in all kinds of products including wireless speakers, headphones

Support aptX solution

Bluetooth™ CSR™ apt X®to transmit 16 bits 44.1kHz and max 16 bits 48kHz CD quality music.

Bluetooth Version 4.2 + EDR/A2DP (CSR Solution)

Stable wireless connection & NFC easy pairing

Aluminium anodizing 

Enclosure & interface aIuminium anodizing finish

High compressive strength and scratch resistance control interface with T5 grade 6063 aluminium material which is anodized and heat-treated. The same material used for iPhone's back cover.

Phono port

RIAA Standard design Professional Phono input port

RIAA Standard design Professional Phono port 

(RIAA standard design) Professional Phono port for making LP’s bass balance

AUX 3.5mm Stereo AUX input port

AUX in for additional multimedia audio sources.

External active sub-woofer output port

Connect with external active sub-woofer for the stronger bass sound

PC-USB port

External sound card port Standard USB type


LANCHIYA®’s professional design and engineering team has worked on Audio field for 36years. We design, develop, research, and produce every speaker unit from beginning to the end to guarantee perfect quality control.

Headphone amplifier

Vacuum tube high-class headphone amplifier

Headphone amplifier 

Built-in High performance vacuum tube headphone amplifier

The headphone amplifier can drive the headphone impedances from 32Ω to 600Ω by the advanced automatic impedance matching system. Its power is 7W. It can support all of the audio formats by the high performance of the hardware decoder. It’s compatible with DSD256, DSD128 and DSD64. Including PCM 32bit 384kHz. The vacuum tubes are used for adjusting the sound. The external sound output and the internal decode input can be freely switched.


Intuitional user control interface

Intuitional user control interface

A rotating knob for functional control ( OFF- Bluetooth-AUX-Phono-PC USB-HDMI) and a rotating knob for volume control. Aluminium control switches for the sound effect function and the headphone amplifier select.It is about the useful and intuitional user control interface design.

80W RMS / T.H.D 1%

Dynamic output power I.E.C standard 

Output power 80W RMS 

40W x2 (Left,Right) Toatal 80W RMS Dynamic output power I.E.C standard 


Support 4K 30f

HDMI 1.4 Repeater with Audio In/Out, and 4K2K Bypass

HDMI 1.4 Repeater suitable for Bar Speaker applications. The solution supports 1 HDMI input port and 1 HDMI output port. The chip supports HDCP decryption, audio outputs, audio inputs and HDCP re-encryption in repeater mode. The chip supports Audio in IIS and SPDIF format. The chip supports HD, 3D, and 4K,2K Video up to 300 Mhz TMDS clock. The chip is also integrated with an eFlash MCU. It manages HDMI, HDCP repeater, and handle all the GPIO control (DDC, HPD...) automatically without the need for user to develop firmware. The MCU make user’s applications very easy.


Unique & elegance

Matt finish coating High class surface painting technology

Enclosure with PMCM (Plasticity Micro Crystal Material) acoustic material coated with Lanchiya® Matt  finish coationg paint. Nice workmanship and no sticky forever. Good structural strength prevents from unnecessary resonance.

MK150 Presentation

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