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2 Invention patents

19 Utility model patents

34 Design patents 

LANCHIYA® Customized Vacuum Tube

The quality of LANCHIYA® customized vacuum tubes for the new hybrid amplifiers is the same as what the military industrial enterprise requests. We take the advantage of the even harmonics to enhance the dynamic range and the frequency response of the sound. The tubes can make the sound mellow and charming. The life of the tubes is about 50,000 hours.


Minimum diffraction horn type tweeter for natural sound reproduction

We take the advantage of the horn type structure to enhance high frequency up to 37KHz. Make the sound levels and the sound field more clear. The horn type tweeter can reproduce high frequency with more fidelity and decrease the sound diffraction.


Neodymium radial slug motor design

For enhancing the sensitivity of the speaker driver unit, there are 5 independent neodymium  magnets with high magnetic flux are uniformly distributed as 360°. Its magnetic flux is 5 times as strong as the normal magnetic circuit. It can enhance the power.


Super high-range 28kHz silk dome tweeter

The tweeter used to reach to 15-20kHz. But Lanchiya R&D team is willing to make it reach up to 28kHz with their 36 years experience. The advanced silk dome tweeter which imported from Japan will be used for the amplifier. The perfect tweeter can be presented based on the perfect match by the tubes and the amplifier.


High-end class Super high-range 40kHz AMT tweeter technology

For the best performance of the tweeter, Lanchiya R&D team would love to challenge 40kHz with AMT whose diaphragm supplied by KAPTON in America, aluminum foil conductive line imported from Japan, and N45-Neodymium magnet supplied by Hengdian Group. More airflow can be pushed by AMT with the bigger diaphragm. So the high frequency can be perfectly extended.



Support lossless 24Bit 192Khz high definition audio source

The pursuit of the HD audio is becoming more and more popular. Most of the multimedia devices and the streaming services can support the HD audio. But the Bluetooth speakers can’t reproduce the real Hi-Fi sound. So LANCHIYA® R&D team would like to develop an advanced Wi-Fi solution to help the Wi-Fi speakers reproduce the 24bit 192kHz lossless HD audio. So the details of the sound can be perfectly presented.

Wi-Fi speaker solution Features:
• Support lossless 24bit 192KHz High definition audio
• Support codec like FLAC/DSF/APE/WAV etc.
• Support streaming service like Spotify, vTuner etc.
• Support multi-room system, which can connect 8 speakers simultaneously
• Transmission distance 110m

TAIKO BASS BOOSTER™  (Invention patent)

TAIKO Bass Booster™ is a low frequency multiplication technology which is painstakingly invented by LANCHIYA®'s R&D team after seven years' reseach and study. It's a revolutionary and innovative new technology of electro acoustics,which combines LANCHIYA®'s patent technology of double resonators and EAI™(Electronics Acoustics Integration System) It can multiply the power of low frequency in a small speaker housing. Even the volume is very small, it still can make the speaker produce the clear, powerful and elastic bass. This technology reflects LANCHIYA®'s persevering spirit of  pursueing the Hi-Fi sound quality.

Non-touch IR sensor control system  (Invention patent)

LANCHIYA®’s micro-sensing technology enables remote sensor controlling throughout all functions of the speakers.  The ease in which the micro-sensing technology performs,  allows the customer more hassle-free enjoyments when operating the speakers and effectively avoid the hidden issues that are traditionally associated with press-and-play button design speakers that may lead to operational failure over time.

E.A.I™ &  I.E.A.I  (Electronics & Acoustics Integration Design)

With many years’ develop, LANCHIYA® has invented the EAI™ (Electronics & Acoustics Integration Technology). EAI™ is for the perfect match of the electronic acoustics and the speaker structure with the EAI™ chip module. Making the whole audio system in the best status and achieving the best sound reproduction.



PMCM Enclosure material

Enclosure with PMCM (Plasticity Micro Crystal Material) acoustic material coated with Lanchiya® special surface treatment floss spray paint. Nice workmanship and no sticky forever. Good structural strength prevents from unnecessary resonance.



IESP™ (Integration of Enclosure with Speaker driver unit and Passive radiator)

The passive radiator makes the bass stronger than the normal speaker driver unit does in such limited enclosure. The paper cone of the passive radiator can make the stronger linear vibration when the sound wave be created by the diaphragm moves the air current. The bass can be enhanced when the reverse vibration by the paper cone of the bass unit and the paper cone of the passive radiator.



Built-in independent high performance headphone amplifier

The headphone amplifier can drive the headphone impedances from 32Ω to 600Ω by the advanced automatic impedance matching system. Its power is 7W. It can support all of the audio formats by the high performance of the hardware decoder. It’s compatible with DSD256, DSD128 and DSD64. Including PCM 32bit 384kHz. The vacuum tubes are used for adjusting the sound. The external sound output and the internal decode input can be freely switched.



E.A.I™  bass boost & 3D effect sound

The Lanchiya® patented EAI™ Bass Boost function is the special design for the bass-lovers. Hit the special button for the stronger bass if the original Hi-Fi sound is not enough. The SPL will be enhanced for 6dB by curve when the bass range is between 40Hz-250Hz. Lanchiya®EAI™ 3D effect function can help to get more feeling of live music concert from the standard music and to get the best sound in various playback environment like games, TV, movie scenarios etc.



760 Damping glue

760 damping glue is a kind of aqueous synthetic resin which is suitable to daub the edge of the drum paper in the speaker drivers. It can absorb the poor audio frequency and the reflected wave produced by the vibration of speaker drivers,so it is helpful to produce the medium and low frequency sound and keep the timbre steady.



HF Booster (Full-range driver with point source and high frequency booster)

The umbrella shaped design is for improving the directivity and extensibility. Superposing the high frequency makes the sound position more accurate. The neck of the driver unit is the radian which can spread 360 degree. It is wider than any full range speaker and full of sense of sound space. HF Booster can extend the high frequency to 20KHz and make the point source effect. The normal ones extend the high frequency just between 13KHz and 15KHz. The physical characters of the normal ones limit the spread of the high better than the normal ones without cost increase. Three high frequency gain steps separate each reflection of the overlap frequency ranges.



360° natural sound field (Design patents)

To ensure replicated sound cadence is more realistic to the natural sound, LANCHIYA® design team acted as a pioneer within the audio field to develop a unique 360° natural sound field technology, which allows the consumer to hear the best natural tone in any position throughout the products unique structure and electro-acoustic design.



Special bass airflow guiding technology

In order to appeal to and satisfy consumer different demands, all the various LANCHIYA® product designs contain worldwide patents of appearance.  Our integrated Special Bass airflow guiding technology ensures that all of our products, despite differences in shape and design, have the same optimal bass performance.



Touch-control interface

LANCHIYA® led the industry in integrating touch-control technology into the digital speaker field,which has proven to be very popular to our customers throughout the years.  Our innovative operation system has now opened a door to every increasing compact designed digital speaker that has lead to big advancements in technical development.  Meanwhile, LANCHIYA® initial pioneering efforts opened the door for digital speaker devices to enter the touching times.



100% paper-pulp speaker unit design

Paper-pulp speaker unit design has been around for decades.  However, through many years of R&D testing and improvements, LANCHIYA®  a developed a precise special formula to ensure LANCHIYA®  100% paper-pulp design has achieved the most advantageous solution in the industry.



Dynamic sound & Professional speaker driver

LANCHIYA®’s professional design and engineering team has worked on Audio field for 35years. We design, develop, research, and produce every speaker unit from beginning to the end to guarantee perfect quality control.


Breath heat dissipation

A universal and common challenge within the audio field is to achieve increased sound pressure within smaller speaker designs, however the
most difficult paramount problem within speaker design centers on achieving precise Heat Radiation. The Breathing heat-radiation technology,
which is developed independently by LANCHIYA®  R&D team, is based on our unique inner-structure design. Most significantly, LANCHIYA® unique design can control the route of the entire mass of air flow, which maintains sound resonance at its most optimal status.  Concurrently, the air flow plays a very important effect in achieving the purpose of heat radiation.  The combination of our design and technology elements has improved our compact speaker’s stability operational function under big output for longer period of time.

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